Saturday, December 1, 2007

Special post for my Auntie Veron

Hi Veron, 
This post is specially for you! Here are two pictures of your  big brother having breakfast in bed. 

Larry was very good and did Len a wonderful Irish fry-up a number of mornings and on this morning it was served on a tray in bed. I got brekie in bed too but not on the special tray!!! 

In the second photograph with the computer on the tray, Len is actually talking  to Gwen while he is eating his breakfast. 

Now if I only knew you were going to the hotel in Killarney I would have made sure to have got someone to take of picture of you in the hottub and posted it here. :-)

It is after midnight here in Mountain View and Dad is flying home as I type. I called Mom at home and I woke her up at 7:45am ( what a naughty daughter I am) She told me she would love to have her breakfast in bed. She is looking forward to her husband coming back as he has given her breakfast in bed for over 25 years. ( hint hint Larry)


Your niece,

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for treating one and only brother like a King and while relaxing talking to Gwen as well - a really WOW MOMENT

All the Best to the Best!

Aunt V.