Friday, September 19, 2008

We had a cute visitor for dinner on Wednesday

I tried to keep him but his Mama insisted on taking him home!! 

More Quilt fun.......

I was talking to Aoife, Aislinn and their Auntie Fiona on Skype last week and took the opportunity to show Aoife the fabric that I was using to make her quilt. At that point I didn't have all the rows finished and the border was in pieces, I am now happy to report that today I finished the piecing of the top and and here it is:


I really like how it has turned out.  The next stage now is to make the sandwich with the top, batting and back fabric. 

Aoife, call Uncle Lar and ask him to get busy pinning this weekend!  Then hopefully I will have it quilted in time for Santa clause to bring it to you. 

The other good news is that Mr. Frog is on its way to Aislinn and the postman should be delivering it sometime by the end of next week.  On the same Skype call, I showed Auntie Fiona Mr. Frog 

Aoife asked me " I thought you had given that to the postman already" and I have to admit that I was suppose to give it to the postman weeks ago.  
I replied "Well, I love it so much, I cannot give it away".  

A very cute 3 year old voice piped up and told me "Give it to the postman so I can have it and then make another one for yourself".  

Well, the real reason I hadn't given it to the postman was I had one more job left before it was 100% completed and that was to make a label and put it on the quilt. So this week I made the label and put on, here it is:

Hopefully this will make two girls happy as it makes me really happy to work on them!