Friday, December 28, 2007

A Pictorial Review of Christmas Day

Enjoying the California Sun

Larry and Leona with their friend Mickey showing sunny California

Gift Giving

1) I got my Butterfly Kite - just what I wanted - need my arm to heal now so Larry can go tell me - "GO FLY YOUR KITE"
2) Frank and Tamara enjoyed Buzz Lightyear at their recent trip to Disney - now they can play themselves at home!
3) Frank opening his new French Coffee Press
4) - 5)  Tamara reviewing her 12 Teas of Christmas and showing off her new JOY, Faith and Love mug
6) -10) Larry checking what Santa left in his stocking. He got Winnie the Pooh & Spiderman lollipops, Two bars of Peppermint Bark, Breathe Right strips and Coal chewing gum ( just to show that he is not always a good boy!!) 
11-12) Santa needs to explain why I only got a lump o' coal in my stocking. I really have been a very good girl we need to have a discussion about this, Sir! 
13) Frank excited to open up his new GPS "Gabby"
14-16) Larry loving his Marvel Vault, Simpsons PJ pants and Simpson's Movie

Everyone got wonderful gifts and we are very blessed  this Christmas! Well I could do without the arm issue but hopefully I will be better soon. A cute story from my 2 1/2 year old niece recently  proves that I will be better soon. She told me that she was at the church  and she put in some money, lit a candle and told Holy God to make me better. Note that she didn't ask Holy God to make me better she TOLD him, with her innocence she must have a direct line above! 
Getting the food ready

1) - 2) Larry getting the coals ready for the Salmon and working on the vegetables

3) Shrimp Fried Rice in progress

4) Everyone busy in the Kitchen

5) Gwen's Fish Pie and Sweet Potatoes ready to come out of the oven!

Having fun with Crackers!
I introduced the Irish tradition of Christmas Crackers to the McCann's and we had lots of fun once they got the concept down that you don't pull it yourself but with someone else. Here are some of the fun shots I got:

Relaxing before dessert:

Larry doing the dishes:

Maybe  I should keep my sling for next Christmas and "pretend" I hurt it again to avoid the dishes!!

PS did anyone else notice that my husband did three wardrobe changes on Christmas day - one outfit for gift exchange, one outfit for Grilling and one outfit for doing dishes. Is he a diva or what? 


Maria said...

You've reminded me that we forgot to get our crackers this year!

Looks like a wonderful (and delicious) day.

Merry Christmas!

Ariella said...

As I was going through the photos I noticed that your hubby had changed clothing! LOL at him beng a diva!