Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tuesday was a rest day ( for some!)

Dad was tired from all the running around that we have being doing since he arrived so I promised him a relaxing day on Tuesday. 

The morning started off with me waking up really early and coming out to the living room and working on sorting out the photos I took so far and putting them on a flash drive for Dad to take home. I also sent a bunch of them to Costco.com to printout so he can have some to show everyone. It was 8am and the snoring was still coming from both bedrooms so I continued to work on my computer and watched the morning news. 
Eventually both of my men got up and we had breakfast, Dad did poached eggs and toast all around. 

Just after breakfast Curt, our landlord, called to say he was on his way over too look at some plumbing issues we have been experiencing for a few days. Larry dealt with Curt  and the loo, I started on the too many loads of laundry that needed to be done.  

For a while I also entertained Jacob, Curt's 4 year old little boy. He had fun playing with one of my Winnie-the-Pooh's who makes noise when it nose and tummy is pressed. He had even more fun playing with Larry's  Dancing Santa Clause Homer. Brian, Aoife and Aislinn called on Skype and Jacob and the girls had a little conversation from across the world.  Once Curt left, Grandad and Leona spent some more time chatting with the O'F gang. 

After lunch for some reason Larry and Len both decided it was time to take a nap. I was left stuck with the laundry and also did a whole bunch of bill paying and sorting out of paperwork that I was ignoring for a long time. Dad eventually got up and dressed and we decided to go take a walk on Steven Creek Trail. Here are some photos I took of Dad on the trail:

After our 40 minute walk we made a stop to the Sunnyvale Toyota to check out the color of the Prius. The decision is now down to between the green and the grey and I need to shop around for a good price for both the Prius and the trade in for my Equinox.  We also drove down Castro Street so Dad could get to see downtown Mountain View. 

Dinner tonight was left overs from yesterdays lunch and we watch the movie Blades of Glory afterwards. Fun silly movie to watch if you have nothing else worthwhile to do!  It is now after midnight and both my men are sleep and I should get off my computer and join the snoring competition. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lee,
Tuesday was certainly not a rest day for YOU' The photos were lovely of yer day out. Please accept my apologies for not refering to abscess - its must be very sore and painfull. I do hope it will clear up real soon and you will take doctor's orders and REST.

Tell Len I just made a fopaux at 2pm when Ken Tobin of 96 am rang and eventhough I knew the cashcall no.(had it written down) handed the phone to Yvonne who had come to collect Shane, lost 1000 euro!

Love to the 2 boys.

Hope you get this.


Love Veron.