Saturday, February 28, 2009

Banishing UFO's

For the non quilters out there I am not gone all weird and trying to find Unidentified Flying Objects but in Quilting terms a UFO is an Unfinished Object. At the end of 2008, I had a number of unfinished quilt tops that were waiting to be quilted and then binding added to be completed. The week I made great head way and finished two of them.

Here are the pictures:

Front of Quilt # 1


Machine Embroidery Roses

Machine Embroidery Butterflies

Front of Quilt # 2

Close up of fabric
Close up of Machine Embroidery used for Quilting
It feel really good to be finished these two quilts and it is nice to see and end to the pile of 2008 UFO that were sitting on futon in the sewing room. This means it is time to start some new projects for 2009!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Jungle Fever Quilt on its way to Austraila

Here are some pictures of another finished quilt that I finished last week. It was one that I started and finished quiet quickly as it has a purpose that was very special. I am very active on a Quilting message board and one of our members lives in the Victoria area of Australia. Trish's family lost a great deal in the recent fires there and I made this quilt to send to her so she could give it to one of her family members who had lost everything in the fire.

Front of the Quilt

Close up of the Embroidery Feathers used in the boarder

Back and front fabric together

Close up of some Machine Embroidery Flowers used in the Border

The flowers come from a set called "Flowers from the Holy Land" and I love how delicate they look.

The vibrant colors of the fabric does not really show up in these pictures, I am really please on how it turned out. Trish sent me an wonderful email when she received the package and will make sure it will go to someone who needs some comfort from the horrible experience they just had of losing loved ones and their homes in the horrible fires.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Valentine Crayon Rollup's

As you may remember in the post Not Just Quilts I made a Crayon Roll up, so for Valentines I got very busy and made three of them for Aoife, Aislinn and Eimear. Here they are:

Rolled up



They didn't quiet make it in time for Valentine's but arrived the following Monday but the good news was that the girls were arriving to spend the day at Nannies and Granddad's. The other interesting event of that day was that for the last 30 years Riverview has had the same postman but he was retiring and Monday was his last day. The very last package that he delivered to Dad was my package with my rollups! Apparently all the neighbors were out hugging him good bye some still in their pj's, he was a very much loved postman and will be missed.

For the morning the girls went to the church toddlers group but I heard through the grapevine that the afternoon was spent coloring at the kitchen table. I am still waiting for some pictures to arrive in the mail to put up in my sewing room. I hope they have as much fun playing with them as I had making them, they are all stitched with love.

The first crayon roll up that I made and you can see in the Not Just Quilts was send to my cute friend 'Detta and her Mommy was very nice and send me some pictures of the artist in action: