Saturday, December 22, 2007

The one place you don't want to be the Friday before Christmas

I did a wonderful and graceful fall down some steps last night and no I was not drinking. I was in severe pain all night and cannot use my hand and arm to do anything.

So I went to the urgent care today and 4 hours later with lotsa x-rays, tears, prodding and poking I have lots of pulled muscles and nerves, left with my arm in a sling, a bottle of vicodin. Instructions to ice it for 10 mins every 20-30 mins etc etc etc. The good news is that at first they thought I had dislocated it. 

This is all I need when I am hosting Christmas dinner on Tuesday. My other dilemma is that my new Christmas outfit that I have for Midnight Mass Choir will not match my new sling. As Talbot's sale has started already is this an excuse to shopping for an new outfit? Gwen do you agree? Check out and tell me what to buy. 


Alice Gunther said...

Oh, no, how awful!!! I am so sorry to read this--terrible, terrible, terrible.

Praying for you today.

If you can open this link, I found a beautiful wrap that might be just the thing:

Alice Gunther said...

If you cut and paste, the link should work!

Hannah said...

Leona! I'm so sorry you're in pain and laid up around in the Christmas. Feel better!