Sunday, December 30, 2007

Some hours spent with my choir family today

Today we celebrate the Feast of the Holy Family, all of the Mass from the prayers, to the homily etc were mentioning family in one form or another. I felt a little sad and lonely that my family are far away in Ireland and I didn't get to see to spend this Christmas with them, especially since we got a new family member this year, Eimear Gwendolyn my nearly 6 month old niece. 
The one thing that did give me some solace was that I have my choir family and it did feel good to spend  the time at practice and then sing with them all at Mass today. It really does refresh my soul to sing especially under the direction of Tim. 
Of course, I had my iPhone with me and took some pictures during practice here are some:

Yep Declan is the star of most of the photos. In the second last photo I went to whisper something in his ear and he moved thus I got lipstick all over his cheek instead, not sure it was the right shade for him!! He is such a cutie and I love his Irish name. 

The one thing that was very popular during practice was the fact that I had some pictures of Marcus, our friend and fellow choir member, Therese's son. They are currently in Moldova with Marcus's Daddy Nils. Here are the photos I had with me:

Everyone agreed his is very handsome and a big boy! We are counting down the days to June when they return to us.

We sang some wonderful Christmas music tonight two of my favorites are Christmas Lullaby and Child of the Poor.  Christmas Lullaby  can be heard here from when we sang it at the Christmas concert. It felt very surreal to sing it today at practice and for Anne to have Declan in her arms and hear his little child like sounds as we practiced. It was also cute during Mass when Anne went up to read the Readings, Declan kept calling "Mommie" from his seat with his Daddy. It created allot of smiles in the first few rows of the congregation. 

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