Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Dinner 2007 - It was a success!

Despite only having one working hand I planned and executed with the assistance of Larry and his parents a wonderful Christmas dinner today.  I did most of the prep work yesterday and found very ingenious ways of working with one hand. Remember all the time the wonderful advice from my sister-in-law gave me on Saturday when I was upset about my stupid accident. She told me that usually Leona's dinners are 5 star meals and for this one time it was OK for it to be 3-star. As I used a scissors to cut up the green onions for the shrimp fried rice they were not as finely chopped as I could do it with two hands and a knife and my mantra was "3-stars are fine!"

Here are some photos I took today:


1) Blue berries and strawberries
2) WholeFoods Salmon Swirls & Goats Cheese with homemade Balsamic Vinaigrette 
3) Whipped Cheese with green onions & Prosciutto
4) Smoked Salmon with cream cheese 
5)  Trader Joe's Guacamole 
6)  Garlic Hummus 
7 - 9) Italian toast and Rye Crackers 
10) View of the coffee table with the Christmas tree in the background. 

Main Meal

1) Grilled Salmon with Pesto & pine nuts
2) Grilled veggies
3) Sweet Potatoes  topped with Pecan & Marshmallow
4)  Shrimp Fried Rice in one bowl & other bowl is 
5) Trader Joe's Harvest Grain Blend & Soycutash
6) Gwen's Fish Pie
7 - 8) All the McCann's ready to tuck in


1) Len's Famous Trifle  & Blueberries  & strawberries

Overall it was a very yummy dinner and right now the dishwasher is running with only a few items left in the sink for a second run.  The floor has been washed, countertops and table cleaned down. Frank and Tamara are gone home with a goodie bag and we have yummy left overs for the next few days. Anyone for salmon for breakfast?
I will finish this post with some wonderful pictures I took of the night sky just as we sat down to eat dinner. Frank pointed it out the back door and I had to take a picture from the back yard and then go out front and take a couple from outside the apartment also:


NorCalSuperwife said...

Yum!!! Everything looks so amazing!

SAM said...

Yummy! Looks like 5 stars in my book!

Katie said...

between your blog and Renee's blog, my tummy is RUMBLING!!!

Hope you had a very Merry Christmas in Sunny California! We are happy to have you...you and your wacky foreign traditions and all. ;)

Alice Gunther said...

Now that is what I call five star--not three star--just incredible! Wow, I would love to see what you can accomplish with two hands!

Merry Christmas to all!