Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Midnight Mass - Two cuties I met there!

These are pictures of Brendan and Darcy,  they were so cute bringing up the gifts during mass I had to get a few pictures of them after mass. Their Mommy, Crystal, works at the church and their Daddy, Scott, sings at the 5:30 choir on Sunday's with me.  Scott and I also both sang in two of the choirs for the Christmas concert. 

Some of you may have remembered Brendan and Darcy in an earlier post about choir practice and when Steve, and the Frost Family and I went out for dinner to this wonderful Swiss place. Brendan, Darcy and I totally enjoyed a wonderful  hot berries and ice cream dessert which was - yummy yummy yummy!!
Brendan and Darcy are such well behaved children they are always a joy to be around. Brendan has knowledge beyond his years and Darcy is as sweet as can be!

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