Thursday, December 13, 2007

Second Thursday of Advent

I went to a funeral mass to today for a family friend of the McCanns. I never knew Mary Ellen but from the all I heard today I really wish I knew her. There was a wonderful poem on booklet for her mass that I decided to use for todays thought for today:

I want to say something to all of you 
who have become a part 
of the fabric of my life. 
which you have brought into my being
have become a song,
and I want to sing it forever.

There is an energy in us 
which makes things happen
when paths of other persons touch ours
and we have to be there and 
let it happen.

When the time of our particular sunset
comes, our things, our accomplishments 
won't really matter a great deal
but the clarity and care with which we 
have loved others 
will speak with vitality of the great gift of
we have for each other. 

- Brother Norbet.

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