Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Gwen I can smell Christmas? Can you?

So today we sent to the tree lot and the first thing  I noticed when we got out of the car was the wonderful smell of the trees. I love the smell of the tree and to me that and the smell of spiced beef cooking on Christmas eve are the smells of Christmas. At home in Ireland they have had a fake tree for the last few years. I would refuse to put up a fake tree so I joke with my Mom that I could never go home again for Christmas unless I could smell Christmas. 
I am fussy about my tree and as Dad can tell you when I lived in San Francisco we sometimes has to got to 3 or  4 places for me to find Leona's tree. Tonight I found it the second one I saw, it is a Nobel Fir not too tall but nice and wide. It is perfect. When we got it home Larry was concerned that it looked like it was leaning to the right but I told him that that is the way the prevailing wind was blowing as it grew and it was just perfect in my eyes. 

Here are some photos of when we were buying it:

We then drop off at Costco to get gas and do some shopping, and what did I find but a big fake tree with it own lights and guess what? Gwen it didn't smell like christmas and I got the picture to prove it:

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Lar said...

I have no problem with trees that lean to the right.