Monday, December 3, 2007

First Monday of Advent

Today I picked another saying from a piece of art work that I have on my wall. It hangs by the front door and I should read it each morning as I leave to start my day. 

The photos is not very clear so here is what is says:

With each new morning
we've a brand new start
that dawns fresh perspective 
and hope in our hearts
with ever new sunrise
that shines so bright
there's opportunity for growth
and new insight
With each new day
it a privilege to have
our life to embrace
and our love to give!

Lets us think during this  Advent time to see what we need to have a brand new start about. I know I have lots but I think I will just pick one to concentrate on this week and use this week as an opportunity for growth. Wish we luck! 

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