Saturday, December 15, 2007

Can I ask Santa for a shot gun?

I went out to the backyard today and all I saw was the potting soil of a number of the pots was pulled out all over the ground. I can only assume that the squirrels have been attacking the pots again. 
They attacked them last week and I did a rescue job so I was not really prepared to go out today and see it worse than before. 

Larry will tell you that me asking Santa for a shot gun is a BIG step as I have already made it very clear if we every have a son I would not like him to play with a toy gun. Larry has different opinions on the subject and reminds me that every little boy has a natural gun with his thumb and his index finger. 

Maybe tomorrow I can sit on our kitchen step with an elastic bands and some wads of paper and try to hit the squirrels if they go near near my pots. Anyone have a remedy to my situations? 

I suppose what I will really be doing tomorrow is going out with my sweeping brush and shovel and putting the potting soil back in the pots.  Daddy can you come by around 9am to help me!

When I fall asleep tonight I can still dream of sitting on my  back step with a bb gun and taking out any squirrel that gets within half a foot of  any pot.

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