Saturday, December 1, 2007

I knew this day would come but it was still hard.............

So today was Dad's last day, we took to the airport at 11am this morning. I was very good and I didn't cry too much. 

Yesterday we had a lovely meal in Straits in Sentana Row and then spent a few hours running around Valley Fair finishing off the remainder of Gwen's Christmas shopping. We successfully bought gifts for all our immediate family and there are a number of red boxes  with white bows in there for Mom from Talbots. We have a bet on to see how long it will take her to open them up as we are not convinced she can last until Christmas day. 
When we got home Santa Clause had made an early arrival for Dad and Larry and I gave him his gifts from us. Larry outdid himself and got Dad the leather jacket in the post, Did you shop today?. We also got him some cool Levi 501, 2 Ralph Lauren shirts and a beige jacket. Here are a few pictures:

Larry lent him his glasses for the pictures. 

This morning it was a rush to get his packing done but eventually we got it all sorted. I had an extra suitcase bought for him for all my gift for Aoife, Aislinn, Eimear and all the rest of the gang at home. In the end we need to use another carry on case also to include all of my Moms shopping. I will not repeat the curse that were spoken at our apartment this morning but in the end it all worked out fine when you have a project manager in charge.:-)
Dad even had a chance to water the plants before he left:

Dad as he leaves in his new 501, his new leather jacket and new sun glasses:

Larry insisted on the one with the collar up - we had so much fun taking these photographs.

Here are some photos taken at the airport:

It is now 2:15am PST this means that I should be asleep three hours ago and also that Dad has landed in Dublin and will be on his flight to Shannon very soon. Just after Noon GMT Brian will pick him up at Shannon and he will be on his last leg of his journey home. 

Hope you had a great trip Dad. We sure enjoyed having you here. Thanks for all your hard work in the garden for all your laughs and fun, even when I got cross when Larry and you were ganging up on me! Come back soon as I don't think you spent enough time explaining to Larry how to take care of the garden. I will go out and water in the morning but we had a frost advisory last night so I hope the plants will be OK. 

Give all three princess in training a big hug and kiss for me. 

Come back soon and bring Mum with you the next time. 


emeraldwednesday said...

That is s stylin' leather jacket! :-)

Alice Gunther said...

I am so glad you had such a happy visit!

It's too bad the joyful times always go by so quickly.