Saturday, December 1, 2007

Went for Japanese for Lunch on Thursday

On Wednesday Dad and I went for a wonderful Japanese meal for Lunch. A new place, Sumo Bento Express opened up on Wishman a few months ago and I have gone there a few times and always enjoyed it, this time was no exception.  It also is walking distance from our apartment and was Dad's first Japanese meal. 

Here are pictures I took as we walked over:

I love the first one, the colors are great and that is Dad walking next to the mail van. When we walked back I kicked up the leaves like I did when I was a kid! 

Dad pouring out some green tea:

Dad talking his first few bites of his food:

Close up of our food:

Dad had the Shrimp and Veg Tempura Bento Box

I had my usual Sushi combo

We both enjoyed what we ordered and Dad enjoyed his first Japanese meal.

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