Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Art and Stitch - Design Day 1

So today's design started out as a very simple doodle

Doodle 1

Did some reshaping, duplication and connecting  = Doodle 2

Then used the Magic Square to come up with Design 1

I went back to doodle #2 and duplicated it

Hit the Magic Square again and came up with design # 2.

Just shows you how a simple doodle can become a cool quilt block design and with some quick moves in Art and Stitch you can come up with a secondary designs - the options are endless from the starting point of one simple doodle!

Art and Stitch designs

I spent two days in Salt Lake City recently where I attended a workshop for the Art and Stitch a digitizing software for longarm quilt  and embroidery designs. Loes and Theo were wonderful teachers and the Handi Quilter folks were great hosts.

Theo on his blog is drawing 50 quilt patterns in 5 months with Art and Stitch and so far he has designed some great designs. Check out his frog, his King Tut, his Jungle Fun also got some great block designs.

Theo's blog posts have inspire me to also post some designs that I have created and as tomorrow is September 1, my goal is to post at least one design each day for a month. This will challenge me to keep practicing with this new wonderful software and also provide me with some unique designs I can use on my quilts.

This should be fun!