Sunday, April 25, 2010

This month I also finished this for Aislinn for her 5th Birthday

It is a Winged Whimsey Wallhanging with a Lady bird, butterfly and dragon fly. It was my first time working with appliqué and really had fun making it.

And the quilting on the back with label..........

Love the hanger that it can hang from with a heart in the middle

And the very cute label

A new little baby arrived on April 24th

And I am happy to say that the baby quilt is ready to be given with the exception of the label and that will be done as soon the name is decided. By all accounts the experience was much shorter than when his Big brother arrived nearly 3 years ago.

Well as soon as the email goes out I can let you know who the baby is but for now I can show you the quilt I made for the new arrival and the new arrivals Big Brother.

Here are the pictures of the baby quilt:

And the big brother quilt is ready with the exception of the binding and label which shouldn't take long to finish. Here it is:

I cannot wait to see the new baby and see how Big Brother likes his John Deere tractors.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Eddies Customer Quilt Show March 2010

As I mentioned in the topic below, my quilt has been in a Customer Quilt Show at Eddie's Quilting Bee for the month of March. We were at Eddie't tonight and I got Lar to shoot this video with his iPhone to show as many of the quilts as he could - Thanks Lar!

I wonder which ones will win the three prizes, which would you vote for?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I titled this one "Circle of Life"

I found this amazing pattern when I was at PQIF last October, A Journey Remembered and was so captivated by the quilt I had to buy the pattern. I started it just after Christmas and am so excited by the finished product. I decided to go with a purple and teal version and threw in some gold to give it sparkle!

What I really liked about the process of making this quilt is that it a number of traditional sewing techniques - applique ( my first attempt), log cabin piecing and watercolor blending but it all works together to make this contemporary and modern design.

When mine was finished I decided to call it "Circle of Life". Here are a number of pictures of it:

I loved the quilting design on this one it is called "Circuit Path" by Kristin Hoftyzer, the combination of the square geometric lines with the circles was just perfect for the quilt.

If you would like to see this quilt in person it is currently displayed at Eddies Quilting Bee in Sunnyvale, CA as part of the Customer contest for the month of March. If you like my quilt you can even vote for it - add # 11 to the voting slip :).

It is also part of a virtual gallery show which is being put on on Second Life .

Enjoy and Happy Quilting Day.

Ronald McDonald Quilt for 2010

As most of you know from the post below , I volunteered last year to be part of the Roland McDonald Crayola Quilt Challenge on the HGTV Quilting message board, this year was no exception as soon as Theresa posted about it I added my name to the list. A few weeks later I got my crayon in the mail and it was Brick Red. hmmmmm one color that I don't have any of in my stash but I did come across an Asian red and black quilt kit that I had bought at PIQF two years ago that would work perfectly. So I got sew..........

Here is what I sent for the challenge this year:

This year I actually quilted it also myself so it is a very special contribution. I loved the fan design of the quilting and think it added to the Asian fabric fantastically.

So if you would like to win this quilt or 30 plus more - just let me know and I can arrange it for you. The great thing about the draw is that if you win one, you are still eligible to win one of the others as long as your name is in the draw.