Sunday, December 2, 2007

First Sunday of Advent

As we begin the first day of Advent and to try to not get sucked in to the whole commercialization side of the Christmas season I have decided to post a daily saying or reflection to help me at least for a few moments a day to remind myself the real reason of the season! 

Today I have chosen to take a picture of what I look at every time I look up from my computer:

I should have taken a better picture as the shadow of the bookcase covers the top but it is still readable. This was part of our second reading at our wedding mass on Sept 4th 2006, it is from Corinthians 13.

For this Advent I am going to concentrate on remembering  - Love Protects Trusts Hopes Perseveres - God can provide all of these for me and all I need to do it ask. 

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