Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dancing Stars quilt top

I started to make the stars for this quilt in early November and then got side tracked to get the girls Christmas quilts ready for Santa to bring them to Ireland. I eventually got back to it yesterday and finished putting the strips together and added the border. I really love working in Batik and LOVE how this turned out. For this quilt I used a X-Block ruler which was a fun way to make the stars.

Dancing Star Quilt 

Close up of Center Star

For this one I am going to I am going to use my Embroidery machine to do the quilting, I found some really nice star quilt designs that I am hoping will be perfect. 

Not just Quilts

So I also tried my hand at working on some crafts that are not quilts and had fun doing them also here are some I worked on recently:

Tote Bags 

Any one want one?? Let me know your color preference they are fun to make and can be done in about 2 hours. 

Crayon Rollups

These crayon roll ups are also fun to do. This was the first one that I completed and have list of boys and girls to make some more for which should keep me entertained! Good thing I bought a big box of crayons! 

French Braid Quilt

This is one of my favorite quilt that I have worked on.  I spent at least 3 hours picking out the right fabric and love how the green to gold to cream blends in this one! I took the class to start it last September and have worked on it on and off since then. At Eddies, my local Quilt store, once a month they have an Open Sew Studio class where you being along projects you want to work on and there is a teacher there to answer your questions. So once I had all my braids done I went to an Open Sew studio and got great assistance from  Melody, the teacher who also happens to teach the French Braid class. She did a great job to help assist me with making sure the braids were aligned before I joined then together. It is also great to do this type at work at Eddies as they have tables big enough to lay larger quilts out. This is larger than any other quilt I have done as to take the pictures Lar had to stand on a chair!

And here is the finished top:

I have decided not to quilt this one myself first because it is so large and second as it turned out so nicely I think it deserves to be quilted on a Long Arm quilting machine. Melody has a business as a Long Arm Quilter and she now has it to work her wonder on it. I cannot wait to see how it turns out!

Christmas Quilts for Aoife, Aislinn & Eimear

Gosh I have not posted in a while, need to make up for that how about with some posts of some of my latest quilt creations. 

Here are pictures of the quilts I completed for Aoife, Aislinn & Eimear

And here is a slideshow with a some close up of the details.