Saturday, December 15, 2007

Another Leona a second day in a row

Today I went to Costco to return some things as I waited in line the lady in front of me had a baby in a sling and another little girl sleeping on her jacket in the cart. I mentioned to her that she has her hands full. She smiled at me and asked me could I keep an eye on the little girl in the cart as she as hungry and needed to get her some lunch. I said of course I could. 

I then stared to chat with the little girl,I  guessed her age and got it exactly right at 4. Her name was Emma and she was really hungry, her Mammy was getting her a hotdog. Three ladies who were walking by said how cute she was and asked me how old she was assuming she was mine. Being as honest as I am I had to admit her Mommy was getting food and I was only minding her. 

Then I noticed a small pink bag in the cart with her and on the front it said "Emma Lee".  I asked her was her name Emma Lee and she nodded yes. I told her that I was called Lee  short for Leona. Just as I said that her Mommy came back with her hotdog and said Emma second name is Leona. Emma sat up with a big smile in her face and said "Yes my other name is Leona and it is a very pretty name". Her Mommy went on to explain to me that when she lived  in Vietnam there was a Swedish  missionary couple, who had lived there for 20 years ,they had inspired her so much that she called her first born little girl after the wife.

 As Emma eat her hotdog her Mommy and I had a very interesting conversation for the next ten minutes and made the boring line in Costco go much faster. As Emma and her Mommy finished with their return and went to start their shopping, Emma waved and said "Bye, Leona, thanks for minding me" and gave me a big smile and a wave.

Thanks Emma Leona Lee for brighting up part of my Thursday morning. 


Murphy Family said...

Ok that put such a smile on my face! Thank you! There are little miracles aren't they...Peace! Andrea

Katie said...

Wow! Happiness found in a Costco Line?? It's a Christmas Miracle!