Sunday, July 26, 2009


Last October, I had a post about the Ronald McDonald House Crayola Charity Challenge I was taking part in with my quilting buddies on the quilting message board on and it is about time I gave an update on how it progressed. At the end of the last post I has sent my completed top off to Carol in Texas to be machine quilted. She did an awesome job of it and here are some pictures to prove it:

Next I had to add on the binding and it was ready to send on to Thearica by mid December so that the quilts could be pictured and ready for the sale of the raffle tickets which went from January 2009 - July 2009.

Here is a picture of my completed quilt with the binding on it:

Here are all the quilts that were in the raffle.

Roll on to July 3rd, Therica and a number of her friends headed to Gastonia Fire Department to have the raffle drawing. Here are some of the pictures taken that day:

From all reports a great day was had by all on the visit to Gastonia and the best news of all that the final total of money raised for the Ronald McDonald House in Dallas, Texas was $4000.

Next steps was to give the presentation of the money to RMH and one of the board members Sherry got the privilege of doing that and here she is with Sarah from the House Love Built:

The house currently has 26 rooms and a couple of transplant rooms when the new house is opened in November there will be a total of 52 rooms. The money we donated will be put towards furniture for the new house.

Another exciting day arrived when the postman left a nice big box on my front door step, I was on skype talking to Mum and Dad in Cork so I turned on the video and they got to see the beautiful quilts that arrived out of the box.

A big thank you to JeanClaire, Terrimae and Therica for the wonderful quilts that emerged out of the box. The first one was not in fact from the raffle but an extra one that I got for selling the most tickets among the quilt makers. I never win anything so was really amazed to win all of these quilts.

Overall taking part in this challenge was an awesome experience. I was so new to quilting when I started and was very nervous when I volunteered to take part but in early January when I saw my quilt with all the other quilts I was able to declare - "I am a quilter!". It was also great to be able to take a small part in the $4000 that was presented to the RMH in Dallas, I want to thank all those who bought tickets from me and it feels great to know that the money will give comfort to families who are going through a tough time dealing with a sick child.

So I though the story ended there and on Friday I went to the message board and low and behold there was a post from Therica announcing the "2nd ANNUAL Crayola Challenge". This time there is a different twist as we will be be only getting one crayon in the mail but we can use all shades of that crayon - light to dark and medium and anything in between and then and pick one crayon ourselves but we can just use the true color of that crayon. So what do you think.................have I signed up???!!!!!