Wednesday, December 12, 2007

And the tree came home........

......We began the decorating process:

The tree was put in place and I put the angel on top.

Larry finding the tin with the lights and I started to play with my Winnie, dashing through the snow toy! I will do a video soon to annoy everyone!

The tree skirt being out in its place and the stocking still need to be hung. Last year my stocking never got filled, that better not happen this year or maybe I should just fill it myself. 

The new wreath was placed on the front door, it is so big the next time I opened the door it scared me!

The crib was put in place.

Operation "Let there be light!"

Mistletoe is hung............

The coffee table was decorated with a christmas colored tartan and the christmas coasters were added to it to add to the festive decor.

At this point it was 9PM and we decided that we were tired and hungry so the empty boxes were put in the garage and what is left to be done today is to add the decorations to the tree.

I am sitting in the living room at 6:45am and the curtain are still pulled and the only light on are the lights of the tree, it is really lovely.

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