Sunday, November 11, 2007

Getting ready for our Christmas Concert

Today was our second practice for our Christmas Concert which is at St. Barts in San Mateo on Dec 9th at 2pm. The new music is awesome and I am so glad that I am taking part with the the Contemporary choir. I will also sing with the Festival choir and got the schedule from Tim for the practices for that today and we have eight in all. I have a CD of that music and I am listening to it right now on my laptop and in the car as I drive around - that music is awesome also.

We practiced today:

1) Every Nation on Earth by Aaron Thompson

2) Homeward Bound by Ken Macek

3) Lord, Come and Save Us by Nicholas Palmer

4) Here is Your God by Paul A. Tate

Each one is fun to sing. We still have two more new ones to learn and I believe three more Sundays before the big event!

After practice for the Christmas Concert we practiced for Mass and then sang for 5:30 mass.

Here are some pictures I took during practice, setup for Mass and Tim in action during Mass:

The blue blurb here is actually baby Declan being thrown up and down by Tim!

Today we sang some wonderful music, Christ be our Light by B. Farrell,David Hass's Now we Remain, I Lift my Eyes by Hal H. Hopsen and then finished up with In the days of the Lord by M.D. Ridge. I think today I had to hear the words to "I lift up my Eyes" especially "I lift my eyes to the mountains souring above. I ask for Help, help that only comes from the Lord, ........" and "God will not let you fall; the guardian of your life never sleeps, never sleeps, nor slumbers". I needed the reminder that when you are not well and not sure what way to turn that the only way to turn is to the Lord in prayer.

After Mass I joined Steve, Scott, Crystal, their children Darcy and Brendan for a wonderful dinner. We went to Tratorria Pasta Grotto in Foster City and it was very very good. It is a Swiss Italian place and to me it felt like I was back in Neuchatel especially the desert I shared with Brendan. As Darcy came by to help us clean the plate in fact all three of us devoured it. It was hot berries and ice cream - yummy yummy yummy!! I must remember to do this again sometimes when I have guests for dinner. Here are some pictures I took at dinner:


Alice Gunther said...

Oh, how I wish we were still on the west coast! I would love to come hear you sing!

Great pictures!

Maria said...

Leona, your post has reminded me how much I miss singing with the choir. I'll have to make it to St. Bart's one of these days. Unfortunately, I already have something on the 9th. Take care!