Friday, November 23, 2007

Did you shop today??

I think I wore out my men today, it is 10:30pm and I am catching up on the DVR and the snoring from the two bedrooms is interrupting my listening pleasure lol :-).

Well, I started off today saying that we would have a quite day maybe catch a movie and not really do anything else. Was I wrong but we did have a wonderful day and Dad got some great bargains at Gymboree and his youngest granddaughter will be the cutest kid on the block.

The morning started out with Larry heading out to the Apple store really early. He came home with a hands-free headset for me so no longer will I drive and have my iPhone stuck to my ear. Thanks Honey, are you happy now that I will not drive and talk on my phone anymore. He also visited Kohl's, Fry's and a few more stores but the lines were way too long. I am glad I stayed in bed. When he got home Len was just having a poached egg on an English Muffin and Larry put in an order for the same.

Just as it was ready, Larry's friend Roger called from Utah so to give Lar some privacy for his call his breakfast was served in the garden:

So the answer to Aunt Veron, I have not had breakfast in bed served to me yet but Larry has had it served to him in the morning sun in the backyard. Hmmmmm I think I will have to leave an order on the kitchen table tonight.

At about 11:15am we left to head to the movie at the Century 12 in Redwood City to see "Bella".

I totally enjoyed the movie and want everyone to go see it. It was very powerful and thought provoking and inspiring. It was refreshing to see a movie that was not about blowing things up and not showing women being take advantage of but a story of real life struggle with issues that most of us could relate to.

When we left the movie theater, I had to go to the Post office and as we drove through Redwood City I got a bright idea to go to The Lobster Shack for lunch. We had a yummy lunch on clam chowder and Lobster rolls:

During lunch Dad asked if there was a Gymboree near by as we were looking for a matching top to go with some cute jeans he got for one of his granddaughters. This request sent us in the direction of Stanford Shopping Center where we scored big time for both Aoife and Eimear. I hope they will be happy when they open their gift on Christmas morning.

Look where I found my Dad and Larry coming out of when I got back from the restroom, can I really hope that they shopped in Cartier for me for Christmas:

On our way back to Mountain View we stopped at Costco and look how cool Dad looked as he tried on a leather jacket:

We tried to get him to buy it but we couldn't persuade him. What do you think Gwen?

We had another great day. I better get to bed as it is now 11:24 and we have two reservations in San Francisco tomorrow and I need to get some beauty sleep. I will join the men in the snoring competition and apparently I am the loudest but I cannot tell as I can never hear myself!!

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Hey! Came across your site via Maria's, it so wonderful to see your JOY and love around you! Know my prayers and blessings always...Andrea