Saturday, November 17, 2007

We have another November Birthday in the family

On Friday we had a lunch to celebrate Frank's Birthday. His real big day was Monday but who says you cannot celebrate all week.

Here are some pictures I took:
We gathered in Foster City at this wonderful Swiss Italian place called Chatel Ticino. Here is Tamara between the two November birthday boys!

Frank opening the card that Larry bought him - good job you cannot hear or smell it!! :-)
And Tamara inspecting it!

Larry giving us a big grin when he read the card from his folks. It said on the inside "Got you a TP cruiser for your birthday" Hmmmm seems like both cards had the same theme. And lets say Larry didn't get a car for his birthday. lol lol. ( PS Click on the picture and you will get a bigger view of the front of the card.)

What a cool shirt Larry got for his parents! It gets the Leona seal of approval.

We all dined on wonderful food. Salad and Wedding soup for appetizers. Leona and Frank had rosti -mine with Smoked Salmon which was excellent ( I wanted to lick the plate) and Frank's was chicken with a wonderful salad with large chucks of avocado. Frank gave his the thumbs up. Tamara and Larry had Veal and a small rosti with vegetables both enjoyed theirs enormously (even if Larry didn't eat his broccoli). Tamara especially like the rosti as it brought back memories of her father making potato pancakes.

The birthday boys got a great dessert on the house - the Featured Bread Pudding with vanilla and chocolate sauce. Here is Frank's first glimpse of it:

and Larry waiting to get his spoon into it from the other side of the table:

The ladies shared a hot mixed berries and ice cream dessert which was really yummy and again I wanted to lick the plate!

Overall I believe it was a wonderful lunch and I hope you enjoyed it also Frank. I will finish by repeating the wishes I wrote in your birthday card " Hope the upcoming year is one when all your dreams come true" or some words like that anyhow!

Happy Birthday, Frank.

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