Friday, November 23, 2007

Wonderful pictures of our Thanksgiving Dinner

A big "Thanks You" to Aunt Rita and Uncle Don for hosting a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner yesterday and inviting us to join the fun at Fogarty Hall. Here are a few photos I took:

Jacob deciding if he liked Smoked Salmon or not!

A little shaky but a view of the wonderfully decorated table:

A few different shots of the the folks talking around the appetizers:

Kevin,Larry, Annie and Nancy admiring the Simpsons goodies that Larry gave to Kevin.

Other pre-dinner pictures:

Granddad Bob getting Jacob ready in his chair for dinner:

Getting food from the buffet:

Around the table pictures:

I was wondering what Jean and Uncle Don were laughing at, I assume it was one of Len's many many stories - he has hundreds:

Annie and Len having a discussion about what would be a good date for his next visit back to San Francisco and if Gwen needs to bring a hat with her or not!!!

So sorry for outing you Annie but when I saw your Cladagh ring turned in, I just made a big assumption that I just hadn't heard the news as I hadn't been around for a while and I was the last to know. I am not sure which was the funniest - the look of shock on your face or the look of shock on your Mom's face.

As you probably can see from the many photos above there are a number of redheads in the family so I suppose it is not a coincidence I married into this family!! :-)

Thanks again to Uncle Don and Aunt Rita for opening up their home and their heart to us for a wonderful Thanksgiving evening.

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