Thursday, November 15, 2007

My knight in shining armor is named Oscar

Today I met a knight in shining armor and he helped me out of a very tight pickle when he didn't have to and I really appreciated his assistance.

I had a one-on-one session at the Apple store in Palo Alto and I parked outside Lytton Gardens Health Care Center in what I felt was the last spot before their entrance to the underground maintenance area and a bus stop.

I had a great session with Mark at Apple and we solved a number of issues I was having with the Photobooks I am working on.

I walked back to my car and got such a shock when I realized that a car had pulled up behind me and left about an inch between their front bumper and my back one!

Of course I had my iPhone with me and got a picture:

I has about a foot of room with the car in front of me and I really didn't know how I would get out of there.

I was so shocked that a car would actually park there as the back wheels were actually over the white line:

I looked around for someone to help me but no one was around. Then I noticed the main door to the Health Care Center and thought maybe there is a waiting room there and someone might claim to own the car. I went in and to my initial disappointment there was a few seats and a reception desk and nobody but the reception person around.

I must have looked disappointed and lost as the receptionist asked if he could help me. I explained my problem to him and then said "I was hoping this was a waiting room but it seems that it is not, I suppose I am just screwed. Oh well, I better go back out and wait until someone comes along". As I walked to the door his response was "Let me see what I can do" but his phones began to ring and I really didn't think there was anything he could do.

I went out and sat in my car and started to take deep breaths to stop my anxiety creeping up to a high level. I reminded my self to stay calm and asked God for some help. I had already been parked in the spot for 2 hours so I couldn't just leave it and got back to University Ave and go shopping ( the shoe shop next to the Apple store was calling!) as I risked a parking ticket.

All of a sudden this charming young man appeared at my passenger window and when I got the window down he said "Yep you are in a very tight spot here but lets try inch by inch and together we can get you out of here" He was calm and reassuring and for some reason I decided to trust myself and my new knight in shining armor that we could do it.

Inch by inch I backed up and moved forward following the guided hand of my knight. Within moments I was out of a very tight spot without tears or any screaming ( yes I am prone to both when stressed!). As soon as I got out of my sardine tin of a parking space, I jumped out of my car and to the surprise of my knight I asked him could I give him a hug. He gave me a great big smile and said YES. After the hug I asked him his name and he told me Oscar. I am still deciding if he should be Knight Oscar or Saint Oscar as he made my day. He went out of his way and helped a damsels in distress and for this I think he was sent to me by God above! Also proves that not all Oscars are grouches. :-)

And to the inconsiderate person whoever you are "Please be more mindful when you park in future and think about the rest of people around you when you make silly parking decisions. Other people may not be so lucky to met a Knight in shining armor the same day you are being selfish"

I will be back in Palo Alto later today and one of my stops will be to the Lytton Gardens Health Care Center with a box of chocolate for Oscar to let him know how much I appreciated his assistance yesterday.

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emeraldwednesday said...

That is SOOOOO sweet. Stories like this restore my faith in humanity. And I believe in karma- so the guy who parked you in will get his someday, I am sure.