Thursday, November 22, 2007

Day two of Len's trip

Today we had a trip to San Francisco. In the morning I had an appointment in San Mateo so I dropped Dad off to Hillsdale shopping center so he could scope out his shopping for Gwen. I came back for him at 12:30 at the appointed place and he was happily having a cappuccino:

We then drove to The City and had lunch in the new San Francisco Center at the wonderful food court. I had my usual Thai food and Dad pick Asqew and had a BBQ Chicken skewer with corn and red onions and garlic mashed potatoes. We both agreed that it was yummy. We took a look at the bakery section in Bristol Farms and just had to take a picture of this cake:
Our next tour took us to Union square and Dad insisted on a trip to the Levis store and to Macy's!!  Here are a few pictures of Dad  around San Francisco:

We then took a trip to Roxies Store in the Sunset so I could pick up some of my Irish Brown bread mix and other Irish goodies. As we drove out on 19th avenue we decided  to stop at Stonestown Shopping center and Dad got lucky and got gifts for Eoin, Aoife and Aislinn. All in about 15 mins thanks to his project manager daughter. 
As we drove home Len decided that he would like to make his special dessert to bring to Aunt Rita's tomorrow. A stop was made at Nob Hill to find the equivalent  american ingredients to make it.
When we got home it was all action stations, Dad to make his secret dessert and I made up some mason jars with Irish Bread Mix as Thanksgiving gifts. I am known to bring just made warm  brown bread to dinner but this year I decided that I would make up parcels for each family that they can make it themselves another day. Here is the instructions leaflet and what the parcels looked like. All they need to do is add water!! 

We eventually went to bed at 11pm, way to late both tired but after a wonderful day together. 

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