Sunday, November 11, 2007

Operation Leonard - Part II

Part II of Operation Leonard was completed today and his room is about 95% ready for his visit on the 19th Nov.

Today first task was to spray the memory foam mattress and the bed mattress with dust mite and allergen spray. Once that dried in they needed to be vacuumed.

Eventually when they were all ready the bed was made up with the new blue striped comforter set. Sorry Aoife but we really did look for red and purple sheets but couldn't find any but we did ask Granddad and he was happier with blue :-).

A few new picture frames were hung on the wall. Still no pictures in them yet as I have to decided what to put in there. I must say so myself but the room turned out really well.

Here are some pictures and a video I took today

Some of the stuff we have to move to our bedroom to make the bed:

Larry working on the new picture frames making sure they are straight:

A shot of the new bed clothes and Leona the doll:

A picture of the bedside table:

And here is the big reveal by video:

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Anonymous said...

Who is sleeping in my bed????