Sunday, November 4, 2007

Scared and Laughing in the San Francisco Bay Area

It was Tuesday October 30th at 8pm i was tired but really didn't want to go to sleep as that meant I would wake up at about 4am. I mentioned to Lar not to let me go to sleep on the couch that I would go to bed at 9pm, little did I know that in 4 minutes the world would rock that would keep me wired and awake for many hours to come!!

At 8:04 it seemed to me that the window was going to shatter in on top of me. I turned to Lar and said or was it screamed "Is this an Earthquake? . For me it felt like 10 mins but in fact it was only about 10 - 15 seconds. I felt I looked around my world with big wide open eyes. The vertical blinds in the kitchen shook, the cabinet in the living room rattled and overall the ground around me growled like a big old lion.

My husband sat in his recliner holding my hand, just sat there but didn't take his eyes of me and laughed. Growing up in the Bay area this was second nature to him and his little Irish wife became his entertainment for a few seconds.

As soon as the rocking and noise stopped, we got into action mode. Lar picked up his battery operated radio ( yes they still do exist!) from the coffee table and turned it on and we both grabbed our laptop and cell phones. Cell phone connection was out.
The radio was announcing the earthquake and also a death on the track on Bart had the train system on standstill. At that moment the fear of the second announcement took over for me more than the earthquake but that is another story that I cannot go into now!

So the earthquake turned out to be a 5.6 and the epicenter was in Alum Rock, San Jose less than 10 miles from our home. Eventually we were able to make some calls and check in with Frank and Tamara to trade stories.

I think it was about 10:30 when I went into the bedroom and found out we had some "damage". The paper plates and napkins from my closet had fallen from the top shelf and were scatter over the floor. Here is the picture of what I found:

And to the person who shall remain nameless who asked if they broke - the answer is NO!!

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Anonymous said...

Weren't ya glad they were only paper :o)
lol Rosey lol