Monday, November 19, 2007

Leonard Has Arrived........

I arrived  to the airport at exactly Midday and at 12:10 Dad plane touched down. I waited patiently watching the blank screen waiting for my first glimpse of him in the flat screen TV:

It seemed to take forever but eventually I got to see Dad push his cart through: 

He is in the middle on the first one and the left had corner on the second one. 
Here is pushing his cart to the car in the parking lot:

Not long after after we were home but after a nice cup of tea and some  on my famous chicken and tomato chowder, Dad discovered Larry's chair was a recliner:

So that he didn't get too comfortable we took him out for a drive and to see the newly remodeled Apple store in Valley Fair and he score an Apple T-shirt!

When we got home he experienced some of Monday night football but by 7pm and had not slept for 24 hour it was time for him to get into bed.

It it so great to have my Dad here, tomorrows plan is to work on my back yard as it needs plenty of TLC as it had not had any work done on it since I planted flowers in the spring and the squirrels attacked all the pots over the last few weeks.

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