Sunday, November 4, 2007

Can you take makeup advice from a 5 year old?

Last Friday Aoife and Aislinn were spending the day with Nannie and Granddad when I called Lynwood on Skype.
We were having a great chat but I need to get ready to go out. With the wonder of modern science of laptops and wireless routers I continued my discussion with the two little joys of my life. I took my laptop into the bedroom to get dressed and then also into the bathroom floor as I applied my makeup.

Aoife though it was hilarious that she was on was the bathroom floor!! Uncle Lar will say I put the laptop on the loo but that was not true!!! :-)

Aoife proceeded to give me makeup advice and told me to put blue on one eye and pink on the other one. Here are some pictures that Uncle Lar took of Auntie Leona creating her masterpiece!!

Don't tell Aoife but Auntie Leona does not have any blue and pink eye shadow in her makeup collection and I didn't take her advice. Maybe I should go out and buy some today but I think I might get funny looks from people with two different color eyes - hmmmmmm should I let that stop me!! :-)

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