Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Many hands make light work..........

Day one of Dads trip the plan was to work on my back yard. We were both awake early so we were at Lowes before Nine and filled the trunk with potting soil and plants.
Here are some of the before pictures:

As you can see lots of dead plants in pots and potting soil spilled all over the grounds from those silly squirrels.
Here was Dad all dressed up to go to the Garden Center at Lowes. He borrowed a pair of Larry's jeans that Lar uses to work around the house or on his car. These are the ones with natural ventilation.

Is Dad leaving all ready before Nine am on Day # 1???? :-)

So the clean up began, we pulled out dead plants and brushed up dead leaves and all the potting soils spilled by the squirrels. We got the big bin for yard trimmings and pulled it up to the front door to help in the process.

We broke for lunch at 12:30 and had soup, toast and of course a well deserved cup of tea. Dad was looking tired and I told him we should take a break and that the back yard could wait for another day and he said no - lets get the rest cleaned up and the plants we bought today planted. I learnt in the last 40 years that I cannot argue with my Dad.
As we continued with our work we were joined by Curt our Landlord and his Son Jacob. The were doing some work on the common garden out front. Here are some cute pictures of Jake:

We continued working hard for the rest of the afternoon until about 4pm, Larry arrived home to find the back yard looking like the following:

At this point all the plants were planted, the potting soil was gone but all the pots were clean and all the yard was clean. So at this point I called a halt to the garden work and Larry got the go ahead to start dinner. The next step in the garden is to buy more potting soil and lots of plants but all the hard work is done!! Thanks Dad!

He cooked Lamb chops on the grill, I marinaded some peppers and onions and the guys had baked potatoes. Here is Larry busy on the Grill and the finished product.

It was a yummy meal - Thanks Larry!

While the dinner was being grilled, I got in the shower as I had to be at choir practice at 7pm. I left at 6:10 and I believe the lads watched a few episodes of The Amazing Race and when I called at 9pm, Dad was already in bed. I think the fresh air today wore him out.

Our day tomorrow will be mush less strenuous as we will head to San Francisco for Lunch and and afternoon of sightseeing.
Hope you enjoyed your first day Dad as much as I did having you here.

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Ariella said...

Sounds like you and your dad had a good day together. I hope you have fun in SF tomorow!