Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Morning...........

What more could a girl want but two men working in the kitchen making breakfast:

Larry was busy cooking a big Irish breakfast of rashers, sausage, black and white pudding and fried eggs. Dad was looking after the tea, the toast and supervising the fry up. 

As the work was ongoing in the kitchen, I was sitting up in bed on Skype  talking to Therese who is in Moldova. Happy Thanksgiving Therese, Nils and Marcus we love you and miss you. Hope your cough is better soon Marcus.

Breakfast was wonderful. Everything tasted yummy!! Here are some more pictures:

Yes it would not be an O'Flaherty breakfast without Chef brown sauce!! I know Larry and Gwen you do not understand but Len and Ciaran totally get it!! :-)
We called Gwen during breakfast on Skype but the table was full so don't tell her we put the computer on the trash can.

After breakfast Len decided it was time to look up the sales in the newspapers on his recliner:

Yes, Gwen that is a Macy's coupon on the back page of the Chronicle and we have cut it out.

For now we are all taking a little nap and early this afternoon we are heading up to go for a walk on Ocean Beach and at about 4pm we are heading to Aunt Rita's for a wonderful Turkey dinner. 

Will post later with lots more pictures of Len's first Thanksgiving day.

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Lar said...

It is either off your plate or on your head. Thank you Len for not making me put the plate on my father-in-laws head, because it was clean. Hope you enjoyed the first breakfast I cooked for you in America!

Your loving son-in-law,