Friday, November 23, 2007

Putting the final touches to the special dessert

After we had our after the big Irish fry-up for breakfast nap it was all action again to put the final touches on Dads special dessert. The cream needed to be whipped and Len and Lar's elbow got allot of action with the whisk. My job was to supervise to make sure when it was whisked enough!!! What a position of power I had it was great. I wore my new apron as I looked on:

Yes, it does read " It's not easy being an Irish Princess" together with a diamond and a crown. As said in a post earlier I became my Dad princess on 17 June 1967, the day I was born and I am not ashamed to admit it. I am even ok to admit that he now has three other princess's named Aoife (5), Aislinn (2 1/2) Eimear (nearly 6 months) but I know that they are the princess in training and that I am still the one and only true one!! :-)

Here are some shots of the desert, which was so so good:

And one more of Dad and his princess:

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Anonymous said...

It was only to-day that I had time to drop over to the Library as it has been a very busy week. I enjoyed "going to the pictures" immensely. Are yu still being served in bed? - a real princess! Glad Len is working and relaxing as well. The hotel room looks superb.
Hope Thanksgiving Dinner at Aunty Ritas was a success.

Had a laugh to see Len in sunglasses, you would need wooly hat here!

I must dash again or will be locked in - its all go go.

Love and God Bless,