Sunday, February 10, 2008

What a wonderful afternoon and evening!!

Yesterday afternoon I went to Los Gatos to visit with our wonderful friend Frances who was had just got out of the hospital that morning. Diana and George were also visiting from Fresno and it is always a joy to spend time with them, they came to our wedding in Ireland and they will both always hold a very special place in my heart. 
Frances is looking great for someone just out of the hospital:

Isn't she beautiful!!

After a few hours of catching up with all the news George got busy in the kitchen:

Diana helped out too:

We all shared a wonderful dinner and some more wonderful conversation. Frances kept getting phone calls from friends and grandchildren checking in to see how she was doing, it really did show how much she is cared about and loved! 

When dinner was over, Frances, declared it was time for Skip-Bo and I got introduced to a wonderful card game that has the ability to cause laughter, fun, marital divorce, loss of friendship and I believe I owe lots of quarters to the swear jar. The games didn't start until George got busy in the kitchen again and did the dishes:

And then the real fun began, we played five rounds and for the first four each of us won  a hand and then we played the final one for the overall winner. The tension got really high and I not sure who I was more worried about Frances who was just out of the hospital or my high blood pressure level. In the end Diana was the overall winner and I think I did apologies to her for the number of times I called her a "b with an itch " for stealing my plays, I tired to explain to her that this was a term of endearment in Ireland!! Here are some photos from the card game:

All good evenings come to an end but not before a few photos with me in them! 

Thanks to Frances, Diana and George for a wonderful time, it was great to spend time together,  laugh,  have fun, call each other names, curse, tease each other but overall Thanks for your love and support. Having you all in my life has enriched it and shown me that there is another way to live which I strive to do everyday! 

 Frances next time your lady friends are coming to play Skip-bo let me know and I will bring my laundry money with me and join the fun! :-)

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Alice Gunther said...

Great shots from a wonderful evening!