Friday, February 15, 2008

I was spoilt yesterday

I had a truly wonderful Valentines day and was shown lots of love!
First I got this wonderful flower from my work friend Ann:

I love the Hyacinth and the smell is just awesome. Ann has just spent a week in Dublin and really had a lovely time, despite having to actually do some work she got to so some tourist stuff also. She also fell in love with Irish tea and of course I had to give her a box of Lyon's tea as my Dad worked for them for 35 years. She loves her morning cupa! Thanks Ann for your Friendship and support.
After my 10am meeting I had a phone call to say there was something special for me at reception and I went down to find the following:

Isn't is wonderful? A purple butterfly balloon from a secret valentine. Larry claims that he didn't drop it off but the writing on the card is very like his. When I emailed him the above picture his relpy was " Hmmm....
You have a secret valentine. I guess I should be concerned."
When I came home with it he didn't seem to concerned.

When I got home I got the following:

A wonderful butterfly stake for my garden, red roses and indoor red tulips. I also got a iTunes gift Card. Thanks Lar, for all you wonderfully thought out gifts and also thanks for being my Secret Valentine!!

Overall I had a wonderful day and felt truly loved and cared for!

But the story doesn't end there, as I was a bad wife and insisted on going to my class last night we are saving our dinner to Saturday night.

We are going to spend the day in the city and for the afternoon fly my Santa gift of my butterfly kite at Crissy field with Charlotte and Alexander:

Then later in the evening we have reservation at O'Reilly's Holy Grail for dinner. We have not been here yet but the description on is great:

"Located in the former home of Mayes Oyster House, we specialize in superb seafood and rustic European cuisine. Our menu is rich in raw seafood, house smoked and braised meats. The beautiful dining room is dominated by 19th century church stained glass, a copper ceiling and a beautiful open fireplace. This is the most exciting addition to the San Francisco dining scene in years!"

I am really looking forward to trying it out and extending my Valentines Day celebration for another day and also spending part of the day with such great friends as Charlotte and Alexander. I have been looking forward to flying my kite since Santa left it for me but with my arm injury and the rain it was not possible. Not sure if my arm is still 100% ready to fly my kite but I think I will have lots of big and little hands to help me!

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