Monday, February 25, 2008

How will I survive.........

......the next few weeks I need to avoid the drug store and all grocery stores as the following has arrived:

Nob hill on Friday night had then not only as you walked in on the door by the the US Bank side  but also by Pete's Coffee. No door is safe to enter!! My Doctor's voice of no sugar rang through my head as I wandered the aisles buying all healthy food.  The devil was also there telling me that they are only 170 calories each, they cannot be that bad for you. Of course, I know that I cannot eat  just one one and I am know in other Easter candy season to buy a box of four and eat them all in one day - see I am my Mothers  daughter. 

I was at Wallgreen's today and what I saw just made me nearly breakdown and cry. Imagine how I felt when I not only saw Cadbury Creme Eggs but also Cadbury Orange Creme Eggs as follows:

I nearly had a to pry my hands away finger by finger from the shelf as just the idea if them send me to heaven and back. I can just image what it is like to bite into the chocolate shell and then lick the cream filling out with my tongue. "How Do You Eat Yours?"

  Oh this is going to be so so hard. I have not had chocolate for such a long time and I really didn't crave it for a long time until I saw these small 34 grams of gooyie goodness and now I am dreaming of a room full of the following

Boxes and boxes of Orange Creme eggs...........maybe I should have some boiled eggs for dinner and pretend they are chocolate. No I don't think that will work. Anyone got any good ideas on how I will survive?? Should I listen to my Doctors voice in my head or to the Devils voice????

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Andrea said...

Ok, to make you feel better, while they are only '170' cal, they are all FAT cal, PLUS the fats, sugars etc...ALL FAKE! Hydrogenated oils that get into your system and are 100x harder and SLOWER to burn off than regular chocolates at TJ's....YOUR life and health are worth me :))