Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Juanid

 On Friday we had a surprise birthday celebration for our work colleague and friend Junaid. We all knew his birthday was February but he would never tell us the date.  With  a little detective work on the part of  little Project Manger and the help of Facebook and a cooperative wife ( Thanks Mahira!) we found out the date was Sunday the 17th. 

Project Surprise Junaid was planned and all worked out really well - at the beginning there was a few moments of denial from the birthday boy but after a few moments he joined in the fun and we all were allowed to celebrate him and show him how much he means to us all. We are all like family in AOL, Mountain View.

Here are the photos I took on Friday, click the sound button for the song to go with the slide show:

1 comment:

Junaid said...

Project Manager did an excellent Job :). The plan was executed and the boy was surprised indeed.

Wife is smiling and wishing she was there.