Thursday, February 28, 2008

23rd Day of Lent - Thought of the day

Today's thought of the day is going to be a visual one. As 6:45 this morning as I was reversing out of my driveway I realized that I didn't have my work access badge, I went back to get it I was delighted to see how many more lilies had come out in the garden:

So I went in and got my new camera and took lots of photographs, as it was early morning there was lots of due still on the leaves and flowers and I think I captured some of this! I spent about 15 minutes just enjoying the beauty of the lilies and the wonder of Spring. My challenge to you all today is to take some time out of your rushed day to take notice of the wonderful world around you.

Here is a slideshow of all the other photos I took, I also added a photo taken on our wedding day as Cala lilies were flowers of my bouquet and Larry's buttoneer.