Sunday, February 24, 2008

19th Day of Lent - Thought of the Day

Infinite Love
Because of the great,
infinite love which God has for all humankind, 
he makes no distinction in love between the blessed soul of Christ 
and the lowliest of the souls that are to be saved . . . . 
We should highly rejoice that God dwells in our soul 
and still more highly should we rejoice that our soul dwells in God. 
Our soul is made to be God's dwelling place, 
and the dwelling place of our soul 
is God who was never made.

Mother Julian of Norwich (1342 - 1416)

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Lar said...

From the Saint that "The City" (only natives call it that) of my birth chose it's name:

The Tree of Love

The tree of love its roots hath spread
Deep in my heart, and rears its head;
Rich are its fruits: thy joy dispense;
Transport the heart, and ravish sense.
In love's sweet swoon to thee I cleave,
Bless'd source of love . . . ,

- St. Francis of Asissi, Into Love's Furnace I am Cast.

The source of My Love is the author/owner of this blog. She is blessed by God, she is my Love. Blessed be my Love, and blessed be my love for her.