Saturday, February 2, 2008


Today I was at a meeting where there was a discussion about Gratitude and all day I was thinking I should complete a gratitude  list and post it today. So today I am Grateful for:

1) Breakfast in bed with the most perfect poached egg on a whole wheat english muffin and blackberries ( Thanks Lar!) 

2) The wonder of technology and using Skype and webcams to see  and talking  to my Mum and Dad on my computer today.

3) Looking and hearing my Mum laughing when she realized the person in the large screen on the webcam (moi) and the person on the small screen of the webcam (herself) are nearly identical. And as my Mum is very beautiful I will take that as a big compliment. Larry says we also  have the same laugh!
My favorite picture of the two of us:

4) Despite the fact that it was a windy day, as I went in and out to the laundry room, the mist on my face felt really refreshing and also  it was great to see the buds begin to come out on the peach tree and the oranges on the tree are ready to be picked. 

5) The wonderful smell of freshly dried laundry straight from the drier. 

6) Larry's assistance to bring the laundry in and out of the laundry room and  for folding and putting away the majority of the clean clothes. 

7) Listening to my youngest niece Eimear "complain" as I chatted to Niamh on the phone, Niamh eventually began to feed her and quietness reigned. 

8) For the wonderful lady checker in Costco last night who asked me "Is that really you in the picture. WOW you look awesome. How did you do it?" I wanted to kiss her.

9) To the friends who emailed me  during the last few days wondering why I have not been online  over the last week or so. I am grateful for your concern and I will promise to reply to your emails tomorrow. 

11)  For the email from my Aunt Veron today for her concern and encouragement and the sharing of what is going on with family in Cork. Thanks for keeping me in the loop of what is going on - I love getting your emails. 

12) For the beautiful flowers that are growing in my back and front yard that makes me smile every time I see them, especially on days like today when the weather is not the greatest but their color is vibrant and reminds me of Gods love for us and for the beauty that he creates for us to enjoy. 

14) For the slow but steady progress I am making with each Physical Therapy appointment. My shoulder and arm is so much better than Christmas and hopefully I will get the go ahead to get back on my bike very soon! 

15) Lastly I am grateful to be in my warm bed tonight with my "fluffy fluffy" my name for my electric over blanket and hearing the rain and wind outside. I quietly pray for those who are not so lucky and who are homeless and out in the harsh elements, may God protect them and keep them as dry as possible and provide then with a bed to sleep in very soon. 

Goodnight and sleep well to all my friends in cyber world! :-)


Me said...

Yeah! So glad to have you back, I have been sending prayers faithfully...I LOVE GRATITUDE! It is the sure way to remind us that we are not the only one in the world and on those days where life just gets us down too much...we remember it simply isn't that bad. Thanks for the reminder.


Alice Gunther said...

Beautiful reasons to be grateful!

I'm glad the pt is helping.

And that picture of you with your mother is just beautiful!