Thursday, February 7, 2008

Job Shadow event at work last week

Last Friday I took part in a job shadow event at work where we had a group of teenagers from a local high school visit for the day. We showed them what it was like to work a day at AOL, they visited our Data Center, our Telesuites conferences rooms and spent time talking to a number of people who work here. Here are some pictures of the wonderful day I had as I was one of the hosts for the day:

Students listening to Edwins presentation

Touring the office space
Great interest in the games arcade
Meeting Junaid and Danielle
Visiitng Leona's desk to see what a Project Manager really does!
Will and Junaid saying "Hello"

Will and Render sharing a joke at Danielle's desk

Students visting our Telesuites on the second floor

View of the students from the Telesuites on the first floor

Anohter view of the students from the first floor

Edwin answering questions from the students as he sits in the Telesuites on the first floor and the students are on the second floor Telesuites. This gives them the feel for what it is like for when we do conference calls with teams around the world.

Students with Leona and Render at reception prior to leaving.
Hmmmm How am I shorter than 7,8 & 9th graders!! lol :-)

One last group photograph to end a really fun day!

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Alice Gunther said...

Great shots--and a beautiful office too!