Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mountain View Farmers Market

Just back from the Mountain View Farmers Market, when I left it was a very foggy morning but it was not cold. I had fun trying the samples today it really was the day for oranges - I never knew there was so many kinds - each sweeter than the other.

I bought some great stuff:
  • yummy cabbage - yep I was the only kid in Riverview whose eyes lit up when we had cabbage for dinner
  • onions are also one of my favorites
  • Swank Farms Heirloom Salsa with huge tomato chunks
  • Ohlone Valley Jalapeno Smoked Salmon Spread 
  • Bolani Sun Dried Tomato Humus  from the East & West Gourmet Afgan Food
  • Channa Masala which is an India Garbanzo Bean Chili
 I am about to have lunch and not really sure which of the above to have. Maybe I will get some of my whole wheat crackers and have some the salmon spread, humus and masala..........yummy!! 

Here is a slide show of the photos I took as I wandered around the market. Note as I was leaving the fog lifted than and the sun began to shine.

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Me said...

LOVE your photo's! I too love the farmer's market, but it is at a horrible time here so I never make it :( Oh, love the new slide show gadget. I am afraid my mom and G's mom would find it too difficult. It is enough they click on the blog! lol