Monday, January 14, 2008

Heading to Macworld tomorrow..........

.......and I am as excited as a child the night  before Santa's arrival. AOL will have a booth there so there was a few pass available for the exhibition hall. I won't get into the Keynote to hear Steve Job speak but will still get to see all the new Apple stuff and experience Macworld for the first time! Sometimes there is an advantage to living in the Bay area. :-)

So today once I had my pass in my hand, from my iPhone, I  texted Brian in Ireland to let him know where I would be tomorrow and how excited I was.  I got a  response from him that made me chuckle and nearly fall off my office chair. It was as follows:

"Do they have matching pair of iLee and iLar? Don't know what they do but they look fab"

A few moments later, I read my email and Brain had sent the following:

The details of the new iLee & iLar are vague. They are due to be released at MacWorld. I found this picture on the web. You should share it on your blog.

Ask Steve can yo have one?

B ;-)

With the attached photo:

This made me laugh so much I had tears coming out my eyes and two of my co-workers came over to see what was so funny! 

The final response from Brian was even better:

They say that 'behind every iLee is an iLar'. They look so well together, but nobody knows what they do!
Everybody wants one!

Apple have denied all knowledge of the new product range that is causing a stir in the valley. Apparently it is driven by crystal technology.

I heard through the grapevine from Cork that my brother Brian and all his kids were all ill with a really bad winter cold but with the emails  and creativity shown above it seems like he is in fine form. I suppose thats what I get for having a brother who is - Dr. Brian O'Flaherty Phd.  Brains and a sense of humor what more can you ask for in a big brother! 

Since Lar and I got our iPhone last year we have become a little Apple obsessed. Here is a post from my work Blog from June 29th, Buying our iPhones,  and another funny post when I mention the word Mac Lar things I am going to the Apple store - Are we Apple obsessed?.  

I will be back tomorrow with a full report on my day in San Francisco at macworld! 

PS I want to wear my new Leopard t-shirt that I got when I bought the new operating system for my MacBook Pro but Lar tells me that it would be cheesy! I still think I will wear it! lol

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