Thursday, January 3, 2008

The storm is coming..........

At work yesterday all the talk seemed to be about the storm that was 'a coming. I sat there wondering "What storm?"  I saw no news for the last few days so was surprised to hear about three big storms over the next weekend. My mind quickly thought oh now the stuff in the backyard will need to come in before it will be blown away. I sat in a  three hour meeting but once that was over  I drove the block home and did the rescue work  as best I could with one arm. 

I took the umbrella down from the table
Why was the hammock still up?? We usually put it in the garage in October!!
I could only lift them as far as the kitchen floor

Garden  utensils and cute garden ornaments taken off my pots - just in case!

Table clothes removed - Dearest Husband hiding the coals under the table cloth  after Christmas dinner is not the same as putting then back in the garage!!! :-)

My kitchen floor is a mess with stuff - I suppose it was one excuse not to have to empty the dishwasher tonight. If I was clever I would have emptied it before but I was in a hurry to get back to work to think like that!!!

I hope the upcoming storms doesn't too much havoc to our area and that we can survive it with out loss of lives and minimal property damage.

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