Friday, January 4, 2008

Please don't let me live today again

  1. Woke at 6am to hear the rain and wind outside but  by 7am I had no electricity ( and not internet access)
  2. By 8:30 still no electricity so from my warm bed I called the office to see if there had power there - the office is only a block away
  3. They had power so I decided to go to work
  4. Even though it was 8:30 am it seemed like 6:00 am it was so so dark, I had to use a flashlight to find my clothes in the closet
  5. I had a quick shower but couldn't wash my hair - no power to use my hairdryer 
  6. Makeup was not possible to put on in the dark bathroom (Thanks to Junaid for tell me I looked beautiful today without it) 
  7. I scaled my right thumb in the office kitchen as I made myself some green tea. I had a complete melt down about how annoying it was to only have on useful hand and that I was sick and tired of being so helpless. 
  8. As I left Walgreens I nearly drove my new car into a downed tree. 
  9. This is what I was greeted with when I got to Nob Hill - my usual entrance blocked with carts as they were pumping out water:

What a difference to my post on Jan 1st when we went for our New Years Day Walk and seeing the clear blue sky and sunshine!

With the above being said I also have a few moments of grace today. I was in Cost Plus World Market and out of the corner of my eye I saw this:

The text says :
I get up.
    I walk.
I fall
   I keep

From that point on today I decided despite my silly arm I could still dance in my heart. I could be in pain but I didn't have to be a pain. Of course I had to buy it and will put it by my bed tonight to remind myself in the morning that my goal for tomorrow is to dance. 

Right now I am sitting on my couch in the warmth of my home, had a really nice healthy dinner and have a warm flannel Pj's on. Mom gave them to me a number of Christmas ago. The legs are pink flannel with blue and white love hearts the top is more of a thick fleece and on the front are two hugging  sheep with some pink love hearts and just below then it says "Loving Ewe!"  Perfect for a wet and stormy night.

 So now I am making myself one more cup of green tea ( yes Gwen no more diet coke)  and then heading to bed. Praying that there will be less damage tonight and for electricity tomorrow morning. My contingency plan is to go to the gym at work for my shower and they have  hairdryer so I can go to Steve party with clean hair!!

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