Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year Day walk was so refreshing

After some excitement this morning around 5am with a call to Ireland and Dad was being rushed to see the Doctor. I decided to drag Larry for a long refreshing walk. The good news is that Dad just needs to take some meds and  few days of rest and should be OK. I think he just came out in sympathy with me as I have pulled muscles and now so does he!! 
The walk was really refreshing, it was a typical California day - clear blue skies and sunshine but it was cold. I even wore a scarf!! Here are some photos  I took:

Larry decided that we could take a short cut home over this. I asked if he wanted me to crawl on it and he said "No walk" and I just wondered how I would do it one handed!! lol Nothing to balance with as my arm was zipped into my jacket.

Thanks Larry for going for a walk with me, even if we do have a different definition on how fast one should walk on a walk. Dad get better soon or I will have to come over there to take care of you!! You can decide yourself if that is a threat or a promise!!

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Alice Gunther said...

California is so beautiful! I'm becoming homesick for our second home!

Let's pray for a return one of these days.