Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Years Eve Fun in San Francisco reviewed in pictures

New Years Eve was spent at our cousin Jean house in San Francisco. Thanks Jean for opening you home, your heart and making me feel an important part of the family!

Joey and Kevin getting their sugar level up a little after 11:00 pm to keep them awake to midnight:-)
Well that was their excuse anyhow!!  When I first saw Joey's bowl I though he was making it for us all, then I realized it was just for him. Oh to be in my twenties again and not have my DR words about sugar level rattling  around in my head.

I  did enjoy a slice of pizza, Jane's freshly made Carmel Popcorn and the Tangy Mike and Ikes!! 

Jane and Pat - still in love after how many years?? I think they were laughing at re-runs of Saturday night live.

Bob & Kevin enjoying the same TV show. Gosh I am in the photo also in the mirror. :-)

Joey relaxing with one of the dogies, letting the sugar work its wonders!!

Jean enjoying her ice cream - what a beautiful smile?

Other fun in the kitchen:

Annie and Leann

Mary is another Fogarty with a wonderful smile!

Annie and Leann enjoying there floats

Annie's christmas gift "God's Gift" as you can see from the picture shes loves it!I cannot wait until she is finished with it to borrow it.

Leann and I were having a discussion on why European chocolate had no peanut butter. I was wondering why  chocolate had to have peanut butter so Annie had fun waving the Skippy jar at me. I think they feel I had a deprived childhood as I didn't eat peanut butter!! lol

Elizabeth - I love her hair and her smile!

Three crazy girls getting ready to toast the New Year. 

Thanks to all for a wonderful evening, the more I spend time with you all, I totally realize that I fit in as I am as crazy as you all!! :-)

For the Shriver, Gibson, Fogarty, McCann and O'Flaherty  Families -  May 2008 be a year when all your dreams come true with health and happiness abounds! 

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