Saturday, September 15, 2007

Are we Apple obsessed?

On June 29th we both got new iPhones and LOVE them. A few days later I bought myself a new MacBook Pro and also LOVE it! We go to Palo Alto for dinner a few times a week and dessert is a visit to the Apple store. Who knew that that would be fun!

Thursday of last week we even went to Los Gatos for the opening of the new Apple store and it was so much fun and we got a couple of free T-shirts.

Today I was out doing some errands and Larry called me on his iPhone to check in to see where I was and to confirm where we would have dinner. I was chatting away telling him I was on the way to Hillsdale to go to the Mac store and then going to St. Bart's  5pm Mass. He was on his way to Palo Alto Apple store to get a new Apple iPhone Bluetooth headset which was my anniversary gift to him. We arranged our meeting point at Max's in Redwood City.

About 10 mins later I was parking at the Hillsdale shopping mall and my phone rang again. It was Larry who said " Hey, Honey, do you know that there is no Apple store in Hillsdale? The nearest one is in Burlingame" My exasperated response was garbled by my laughter as I explained to him that I was going to the Mac Cosmetic store to get some new moisturizer!

Do you think we are Apple obsessed?

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